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We provide services:

  • Residential Moving 
  • Office moving
  • Long distancing 
  • Piano moving
  • Pool table moving

Today I’ll tell you more about residential moving! Residential moving includes any type of moving from small apartments to huge houses! For such moving, a large 26 feet truck and two or three guys are usually the best options! 

How can you save money? For example, pack goods in boxes, disassemble beds, tables. To empty dressers and wardrobes from clothes! Lebel the boxes, it will be very convenient if the moving team can figure out these markers, then after instruction in the new location, the movers will be able to deliver the boxes to the right rooms! 

iF some of the things go to the storage it is also better to label them with special stickers so that they can be assembled and unloaded together! 

At your request, our team can do all the preparation or part of the preparation, this is also an opportunity to save both time and finances! In this case, if the big team arrives the day before the move, they will have different types of boxes, tools, they will prepare everything, leave you the most necessary things, and on the day of the move just only have to load, transport and unload in the new house! If the move is small this whole work can be done on the day of the move! 

Our prices for residential moving

  • Track delivery 26 feet = $ 130
  • Work 2 guys per hour = $ 89,9 
  • Work 3 guys per hour = $ 134,9
When booking in advance from 3 week or earlier, you get 10% OFF

For example, an account for 3 hours for: 

  • Truck and two guys = $ 399 (130 + 89.9 * 3) 
  • Truck and three guys = $ 534 (130 + 134.9 * 3)

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