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Pool TableMoving

Our Pool table moving Services include:

  • Moving to a different location or city
  • Room to Room moving
  • Storage room
  • Refelting
  • Bumpers Replacement
  • Leveling

We take care of the entire process:

  • Professional breakdowns, rails, pockets, felt, slate, base, and legs
  • Disassembles your table carefully, using professional tools
  • Packs and safely load the table into a fully enclosed truck
  • Moves smoothly and re-installments the table to a new place with your current felt or, if you wish, replace it with a new one
  • We do a proper pool table setup and professionally level the slates and frame giving you a perfectly flat playing surface on the pool table

High Quality Moving Service

Pool Table Movers Affordable & Cost. One Two Moving is a professional moving company to help with moving or transporting your pool table. A billiard table can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more, so it’s essential that you have the proper training and tools for relocating your pool table. Trying to move a table on your own or without the right equipment could lead to serious injury or a ruined table. When you hire professional movers to do the job, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to safely disassemble, move, and re-install your billiard table. With our help, you can enjoy your prized pool table for years to come.

When you’re looking for the best pool table moving service in the Toronto area. No matter what the reason, moving your pool table is a big job, and best left to professionals. Whether you are moving your pool table from one room to another, or simply just having your game room carpet cleaned, we will professionally disassemble and move your table. We work with your schedule to reassemble and place the table where you’d like once you’re ready. 

Are you planning on moving your pool table? Let our team take care of this task for you! One Two Moving is a professional moving company you can trust and rely on! Give us a call today, and let's start preparing for your relocation right away!

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We are the best Pool Table Moving Services

Even moving professionals will tell you, billiard tables are some of the hardest items to move. It pays to enlist the help of trained, licensed moving crews to do the work for you.

 Our professional team provide the following services:

Pool Table Moving

Whether you’re moving the pool table to another room in your house or moving it halfway across the country, our movers will ensure safe transport. We’ll carefully wrap each disassembled piece with moving blankets, bubble wrap, and other cushioning materials. Then, using a pool table moving dolly, we’ll make sure each piece makes it safely to the moving truck. Finally, the movers ensure the pool table is secured, so it doesn’t shift and get damaged during transport. Contact Us For More Information>>

professional pool table movers

Pool Table Refelting

We’ll replace your old or damaged felt with new felt.                                We use grade premium 22 Oz felt, in a variety of vibrant colors, durable and made to last and enhance your table performance and game performance as the ball will roll smoother and much more consistent. As compared to lower quality felt that’s in the market today that wears down faster, which will require more frequent and costly fixes.

How much does it cost to Refelt a Pool Table?
The average cost for Classic Home Billiards to refelt a pool table is $200-$300. The total cost ultimately depends on several factors: the size of table, age/model of the table, method of attachment of the felt to the table (glue, staples), other related work, such as replacement or restoration of rubber cushions, leveling and etc

Give your table an attractive and renovated look with our premium refelt service.   Contact Us For More Information >>

Pool Table Bumpers Replacement

We will replace your old bumpers for a new ones.

We can guarantee to you that we use the best materials of highest durability and performance in the billiards industry, don’t risk getting second tier and inferior lower quality cushions which will deteriorate fastly.

Our cushions are extra durable made of 100% rubber and high-speed label.
The replacement of bumpers if very important as bumpers are an essential part of the gameplay experience, as it allows the balls to have sharper bounce back, it also contributes to the overall health of your felt and allows for even distribution of all angles of the rolling of the ball that way it’s doesn’t wear out and burn out the fibers of the felt.

How much does it cost to Replacement Bumpers?

The average cost for Classic Home Billiards to replacement bumpers is $200-$300. The total cost ultimately depends on several factors: the size of table, age/model of the table, other related work, such as refelting, leveling and etc. Contact Us For More Information>>

Pool table installers Hamilton
Pool table moving service

Pool Table Leveling

Finding that the pool balls aren’t rolling right?
Anytime a pool table is moved it will need to be re-leveled. In some situations, the table could be not level due to a structural change or abuse. If only a slight adjustment is required.

We can re-level the pool table by placing shims under the legs to bring it into a rough level position. In more severe cases or when the player requires perfection, we must access the slate mounting hardware which requires removing the rails and cloth from the slates.

The process to precisely re-level a pool table is straight forward but very time consuming. For a small additional fee, we can replace the billiard fabric at this time.Keep your pool table in top playing condition.

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Pool Table Assembly / Disassembly

Don’t let ordinary furniture movers break apart your table.
They do not have the experience and will treat your pool table as another piece of furniture, it is not worth to risk your money and your table. Contact us so that our professionals can handle the delicate moving and transportation of your pool table.

Have you moved to a new house? Are you looking to breakdown a pool table? Or do you wish to acquire our assembly service for a new or used table?
Bumpers, Side rails, and slates are removed; felt is inspected and removed carefully to be reused. Parts are then bagged and wrap safely. If a table needs to be shipped we will pack slates into individual crated or safer support. Contact Us For More Information >>


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