Piano moving service


Our Piano moving Services include:

  • Moving to a different location or city
  • Room to Room moving
  • Storage room

How does the Piano Moving process work with One Two Moving?

  • Piano movers will prepare the grand piano for moving. In some types of tools, moving parts are removed
  • Wrap the piano parts in blankets.
  • The piano movers then ease the piano on to the piano board and strap the piano to the piano board making sure that any belts or buckles from the straps do not gouge the sides of the piano.
  • The grand piano on the piano board is then placed on a sturdy, four-wheeled piano dolly by piano movers.
  • The piano movers can now move the piano around and into a truck safely.

High Quality Moving Service

There are a lot of different reasons why you need a professional, but one of the leading reasons is because pianos are delicate. The common misconception is that pianos are huge and heavy, so they must also be sturdy and dependable. This isn’t true. Pianos have tons of intricate working parts that make them extremely delicate, so you shouldn’t treat them like they’re indestructible. Professional piano movers can protect them from both cosmetic and internal damage while moving. 

We are reliable and take the utmost care with your piano. Our staff is fully qualified to put the safety of your piano first and move it to the new location in perfect condition. 

We make ourselves fully available for any and all questions and concerns. Feel free to give us a call with any concerns you may have about your piano’s handling and what equipment we use to move your piano. 

We understand that your piano is a work of art. It’s an instrument, but it’s also an heirloom that is the centerpiece of your décor and a vital part of your family’s culture. Let us carefully move your piano to its new home so it settles in happily. 

Our piano moving service includes local moves, room to room, upstairs, downstairs, and moves to the storage room. Our professionals take every necessary precaution and a few extras as well. No matter how close or far you move, we never send less than 2 trained movers with a specially designed moving equipment set built specifically for your type of piano. 

We service the whole GTA, as well as much of 200 km around, so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to help you move your piano. Find out more about how we move pianos by contacting us. Our Piano Moving experts will be happy to help ease your mind and teach you about piano moving needs.


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Get your free estimate, call us now: