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How doesthe moving process work with One Two Moving?

  • Gives accurate rates with no hidden fees.
  • Guarantees date and time of arrival of the team at the workplace
  • Moves furniture indoors
  • Assemblies and disassemblies furniture
  • Carries out loading and unloading works
  • Provides packaging service
  • Uses experienced moving crews and related equipment to move your belongings safely and efficiently.

High Quality Moving Service

One Two moving not only provides for all your professional moving needs from packing to moving but also provides labor-only services for those customers who need a little muscle to get the job done. 

Our experienced local movers can help you move things around your home, they can help you relocate from one apartment to another one in the same building but they can also help you load or unload your truck/container if that is all the help you need. 

In some cases, you might already have a truck to transport your personal belongings, but you do not have the manpower to get it on the vehicle. In these cases, One Two is ready to help in the following ways: 

  • We can professionally pack your belongings.
  • Loads and unloads your own truck in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Moves your belongings inside and places the items wherever you need them. 

Do you need help moving a particularly large item, such as a piano, a gun safe, a dresser, or a large piece of furniture at home? Need to hire movers for a washer and dryer move? Or do you need help moving furniture inside your storage unit? 

Our movers can help you get it wherever you want it to go. Whatever it is… 

If you’re not sure how to move your shed from one part of your yard to the other side, we can help!  

We can get the job done, correctly, and at the right price. So, please contact us. Especially if you only need furniture movers in GTA 

We strive for our prices to be as competitive and appealing as possible without compromising attention to detail or quality. Because we would like to be your movers for many years to come we pledge to keep our prices highly competitive, giving you a reliable name to refer back to for your future relocation needs.


Get your free estimate, call us now: 


Get your free estimate, call us now: